Cool Soundtrack

Video found here: Credit goes to the creators. Music belongs to Alabama, their song entitled Love in the First Degree. From what I’ve gathered, Fair Use allows me to embed video on this blog (this video on Youtube has embedding enabled). However, I have not asked permission to use the video, nor permission from the band/songwriter/whomever to use the full song… feel free to contact me to report a violation, if any, and I will promptly remove the video.

Email:  (no hate mail please. Although–if you do decide to send me a hateful email complaining about my filthy rape book, I’ll have every right to display it on my blog(s) for my fans to laugh at. Thanks).

In BND, the song was played during a Halloween party that Mia was invited to—under mysterious circumstances.

*EDIT: I had a video of another cool song (PIMP by 50 Cent) but it wasn’t the original song that I like, plus the site where it came from was annoying so I just deleted the video for now. I could not find the original song version anywhere on Youtube.